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Here you may play around, and make as many bookings as you wish. Order T-off times, instructors, lessons, group lessons or whatever to your heart's content.

During the process you will have the opportunity to register as a user, and conduct a test booking to completion.
(Your email address will be kept safe, and will only be used for the purpose of sending confirmations of your fictitious bookings)
  When you have made several bookings, you may review and change or cancel your own bookings under "My profile" (when logged-in).

Manage club details


Using this service, you may log on as a club staffer to make all kinds of bookings and see how the demo club functions from the inside. (This demo is only offered to persons affiliated with golf clubs and golfers' organisations.)


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firma@netbooking.no Feltspatveien 12 | 1475 Finstadjordet | Norway Tlf: +47 928 55 125